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MarkerExercises to Help Prepare for Hip Replacement Surgery

To help you to prepare for your hip replacement surgery you may practise the following exercises at home. The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen muscles, which will be useful in your rehabilitation. These exercises should be performed at least twice a day in repetitions of 10 for about a month before surgery.

1. Heel Slide

Heel Slide


Arrow Slide your heel along the surface, bending the knee towards your chest. Hold for 3 seconds.

Arrow Then slide the heel downward, straightening the knee.

Arrow Done lying on your back.

2a. Hip Abduction

Hip Abduction


Arrow Begin with your legs together.

Arrow Slide a leg out to the side then return the leg to middle.

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2b. Hip Abduction

Hip Abduction


Arrow Lift your top leg up towards the ceiling, keeping the knee straight and toes pointed.

Arrow Your bottom leg should be kept bent to maintain your balance. Bring your leg back down.

Arrow Lying on your side.

3. Quad Sets

Quad Sets


Arrow With a rolled towel under your knee, press downwards, tightening the knee and raising the heel approximately 1 inch off the surface.

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4. Short Arc Quad Sets

Short Arc Quad Sets


Arrow With a bolster under your knee, raise the foot and straighten your knee.

Arrow Hold for 3 seconds. Lower your foot slowly.

5. Straight Leg Raise

Straight Leg Raise


Arrow Raise your leg toward the ceiling, keeping the knee straight.

Arrow Your opposite knee should be bent, with your foot flat on the surface to protect your back from straining.

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6. Ankle Pump

Ankle Pump


Arrow Pump the ankles, pulling your toes up, then point them downward.

Arrow Continue this up and down movement.

7. Knee Extension

Knee Extension


Arrow Begin with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise your foot straightening the knee. Hold this position for 3 seconds keeping the back of your thigh on the chair. Lower your foot to floor.

Arrow This exercise can be done with a small rolled towel under your thigh.

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8. Dorsi/ Plantar Flexion

Dorsi/ Plantar Flexion

Arrow Begin with both feet flat on floor. Raise your toes up keeping your heels on the floor.

Arrow Reverse, raising both heels with your toes on the floor.

Arrow Continue alternating, raising first the toes and then the heels.

9. Glutial Sets

Glutial Sets


Arrow Recline on your back, supported by your elbows. Keep both legs straight.

Arrow Squeeze your buttocks together as tightly as possible. Hold for five seconds and relax.

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